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B2b Google Ads Strategies and Suggestions for 2022 Tried & Tested

Google ads have changed a lot. It's much better than previous versions and algorithms have improved very much since 2020. If you are still sticking to old google ads practices and still believing in myths. This is the time to change! This article is all about how to incorporate the new google ads strategies recommended for 2022.

1. Recommend checking your SQRs EVERY SIX MONTHS when using broad match + smart bidding.

2. Poor RSA ad strength will result in lower impression share according to this presentation. How should you handle that?

3. Here is the recommended account structure for 2022 Including anything going to the same URL should be in the same Ad Group, bus also use DSA in all your ad groups.

4. Interesting presentation point - even though you can still run BMM keywords they have "lost value" so you should change them. Recommending same thing for ETAs - they will lose value once we hit July 2022. Only 1 RSA per ad group is recommendation. Goodbye ad testing.

Just confirmed that RSAs are "already dominant" if you have ad groups with both ETAs and RSAs. This is not a big surprise, as we have all seen this happening, but interesting to hear it confirmed.

5. Enable enhanced conversions.

Here is how Enhanced Conversions work:

6. Not sure how you get higher conversion tracking levels without cookies or with Enhanced Conversions? But Google says you do?

7. Interesting that it specifically has looking at SQRs as a task within this setup and testing period of only 43 days. But sure, check your SQRs every 6 months, right?

8. Here are some examples of Conversion Value Rules (which only work with smart bidding strategies but not tCPA or Max Conversions)

9. You should apparently have your broad and exact match in the same ad group. They "learn from each other".

10. Google said they do not have plans to get rid of manual bidding. But they do not advise using it and "especially not on bigger accounts".

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